PaMu, Sports True Wireless Earbuds -Never fall out

Do you usually struggle with your earphones because they always fall out of your ears, or sound quality is just poor, and keep dropping connections when you leave your phone away? Well, worry no more. PaMu is an excellent example of product design that not only solves many of the problems appeared in modern headphone technology but also delivers fantastic sound, durability and reliability. You can call it a “technology-packed solution!”

PaMu is surprisingly comfortable to fit into your ears, while never falling out is another big plus. Two powerful 10mm dynamic audio drivers deliver PaMu’s signature sound with balanced deep bass, without sacrificing the clarity of the mids and highs. It will feel like you are in the concert hall anytime and anywhere. Enjoy long lasting music while you run. Water and headphones typically don’t play nice together. However, PaMu found a way to make it happen. By using a water-resistant sealing design, keeping the inside dry and fully functional, PaMu aren’t afraid of sweat or rain – and now bad weather can’t be an excuse to skip your next workout.

PaMu was successfully crowdfunded in Indiegogo and raised $931k within two months, attracting more than 19K backers from 120+countries and reported by 80+ medias.

PaMu is a star of Padmate tech, Padmate is named after the concept of “Mate of Technology, Human, and Society” from Padmate Tech founder, Mao. To create a brand that conveys quality smart designed audio product all over the world, Padmate keeps the path of moving from “Made in China” to “Created in China.” We aim to be a global leading provider of quality audios and smart devices.