Tedee smart lock – a new way to enter

Tedee smart lock is an electronic device mounted on the door lock inside the property. It can be installed without screws, drilling, or running cables. Tedee is controlled with a mobile app or by pressing a button. It works perfectly at home, short-term rental, hotels, or business properties.

Why is Tedee smart?
Tedee may automatically unlock the door lock when you arrive and lock it after you leave. A bridge allows controlling the door lock remotely. Tedee connects to other devices via Bluetooth. You can share “digital keys” with your visitors and provide them with keyless entry for a specific period. It can also be opened by entering a PIN code on the smart keypad.

Is it safe?
Tedee smart lock uses similar digital security technologies as online banking. You can still lock and unlock the door with a standard key.

Smart home environment
Tedee can integrate with other smart home devices for various kinds of automation. It works with Apple HomeKit, Hey Google, Amazon Alexa, and more.

Tedee GO is the economic version of our bestseller Tedee PRO smart lock. It is the perfect solution to make the first step into the smart home world.

Just like his “older brother,” Tedee GO has a unique and elegant design, and it is one of the smallest and quietest smart locks on the market. It is powered by replaceable batteries. Tedee GO is very easy to install – no need to change the cylinder. You just pop it on the existing lock, on the inserted key.