The Better Way For Fleets To Pay

Car IQ

Imagine a world where you drive into a gas station and your car pays for its own gas – eliminating the need for you to insert a credit card, and enter your zip code. That world is now.

Car IQ has created a payment solution developed for vehicles and fleets that enables vehicles to transact securely and autonomously with merchants, payment networks, and banks.

Car IQ’s underlying technology is based on a machine identity verification process that, for the first time, allows vehicles to be trusted to connect to payment networks and banks. The team at Car IQ has made the payment experience an autonomous process – beginning with the fueling of fleet vehicles. Car IQ’s contactless payment solution eliminates the need to use a credit card and streamlines the fueling payment process. The payment solution enables vehicles to initiate and complete payments for services such as fuel, parking, and more.

With Car IQ Pay, cars are able to pay autonomously in just three easy steps.

  1. The driver inputs the pump number when they enter a participating gas station
  2. Car IQ unlocks the pump and the driver fuels the car
  3. The driver drives away

Car IQ Pay was designed to serve the broad needs of vehicles including fleet managers, automotive OEMs, car-sharing services, ride-sharing platforms, and commercial fleets. To learn more please visit, and for a deep dive into vehicle identity authentication read our post: