The future of health is in the bathroom – Bisu unveils smart urine analyzer for personalized health advice

Every day we flush huge amounts of info on our bodies down the toilet. Until now, only a small amount of these data has been available to consumers, using decades-old test strip technology, low-accuracy measurements and a messy user experience.

Bisu is unveiling Bisu Body Coach, a smart urine analyzer that makes urine testing easy and clean, provides stable, accurate measurements, and offers personalized advice based on the user’s profile, goals and behavior. The product consists of a disposable test stick for collecting a small amount of sample, a stick reader which performs the analysis, and a mobile app which displays the results and recommendations in two minutes.

Bisu is launching in 2020 with a diet-tracking stick, and plans to release new sticks for tracking oral, pet and baby health, pregnancy and ovulation. Bisu is a Johnson & Johnson Innovation award winner and a graduate of HAX, the world’s leading hardware accelerator program.