The Handy – the future of interactive pleasure

What does the future of pleasure look like? 

The Handy is a smart automatic stroker designed with Scandinavian sensibilities of minimalism and functionality in mind. It is made with the best components possible for exceptional performance. It uses a brushless motor that ensures minimal sound whilst maximising power. In addition, it enables users to customise their experience with different sleeves for different sensations due to a simple but clever modular design. 

When connected online, users can experience Handy’s impressive perfect synchronization abilities with VR or flat media. Users will feel instant tactile stimuli as the device precisely recreates the motion happening on screen, allowing them to feel what they see. Handy can also be controlled remotely – perfect for long-distance play!

It’s not just our developers who are working on advancing the user experience; we highly value community innovation, which is why the Handy has an open API. Users can find third-party apps and even plugins for games that pair with the device on   

The Handy currently retails at $199, and can be purchased with original sleeves and bands at For any inquiries related to collaboration, retail and affiliate partnerships, please reach out to

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