The Top Reasons Pet Parents Will Love the NEW Whistle FIT

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re expanding our offerings with the launch of a new product  – Whistle FIT, a pet wearable entirely focused on health, fitness and nutrition. Whistle FIT, which makes it super-easy to keep your pet on track to live their best life every day, and packs all the power of our flagship Whistle GO trackers –– just without GPS location tracking.

Whistle FIT uses data from the Pet Insight Project, where we’ve collected vet-verified data from 60,000 dogs across 900 breeds and mixes, to provide an in-depth look into pet behavior and provide Whistle FIT users with actionable solutions. With a database of over 3,000 types of dog food, across all major brands, the new Nutrition feature tells you the perfect amount to feed your dog based on the food you use and activity level that Whistle FIT detects. Taking into account your dog’s breed, age, and weight, Whistle FIT will also know your pup’s exercise needs. Then, by tracking your dog’s activity and calories burned, it can recommend specific fitness goals.

The #1 reason people call and visit the vet is concern that their pet may be scratching or licking too much. Whistle FIT monitors your dog’s scratching and licking and alerts you if levels get high enough to become a concern. If any activity falls outside normal levels, you get alerted on the Whistle app. as well as send a daily report, a weekly report, and an easy-to-read 30-day view of your pup’s activity and health behaviors that you can easily share with your vet. This kind of specific data can help you catch health concerns before they become health problems (which also saves money in vet appointments).

In short, Whistle FIT empowers you with all the information you need to stay on top of your dog’s health and well-being – so your pet lives their happiest life every single day. Pet parents no longer need to worry and wonder. With great knowledge comes great peace of mind.

Whistle FIT will be available for purchase on on January 21st.