Tilt, Drift & Sway – How Lora DiCarlo’s Latest Innovative Product Line is Heating Up The Sexual Wellness Industry

Inspired by the warmth of human touch, the new Lora DiCarlo heated products simulate body temperatures and heated massage devices by activating a new nylon-based thermal conductive polymer that has a thermal coefficient 15x to 20x of traditional injection molded plastic, thereby providing quick and consistent internal heating.

The line includes a handheld bullet (Drift), P-Spot/G-Spot plug dual stimulation vibrator (Tilt), and and a dual stimulation wand-like warming massager (Sway), all of which have ergonomic silhouettes and are approachable to a wide range of consumers, different anatomies, and various pleasure preferences.

Internal heating brings the products to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, just above body temperature, and delivers even, consistent heat for a natural and relaxing experience. The gentle, radiating warmth increases circulation and arousal to targeted areas, relaxes muscles, and creates a comfortable, intimate experience.