Tramontina Guru: cooking that connects

Cooking is both art and science, requiring precise measurements, timing and temperatures as well as creative flavor combinations to delight the senses. Creating a great meal takes time and attention, and minor mistakes can ruin the result. Tramontina GuruTM, a smart cooking solution debuting at CES 2023, guides home cooks through every step from prep to plating while giving them complete confidence that a perfect meal is on the way.

An innovation from Tramontina, a leading global cookware manufacturer, Tramontina Guru ushers in the future of cooking with a truly smart cooking system. The starter kit includes an advanced portable induction cooktop with an integrated temperature sensor and scale, intuitive display and touch buttons, and a Bluetooth connection to pair with a sophisticated smartphone app. Cooks can use this app to access more than 200 delicious recipes, view step-by-step instructions, control and monitor the cooktop.

Tramontina Guru is cooking that connects, a system giving home cooks a way to impress their family and friends as they sharpen their culinary skills. The smart cooking solution’s app is available for iOS or Android devices and provides text and video guidance, chef tips, and nutritional information. All recipes are crafted with Tramontina Guru and compatible cookware and accessories in mind so that home cooks have all the equipment they need to consistently get perfect results.