Try on exoskeleton suit to ‘sit’ while standing

Archelis, a Yokohama-based hardware startup, demonstrate its exoskeleton assist suits that safeguard medical surgeons and factory workers against lower-back and leg strains from long hours of standing. Made to fit comfortably around one’s legs, “archelis for Medical” and “archelis for Factory” enable wearers to walk and bend their knees freely and to “sit” (rest) anywhere while technically standing – a feature that allows the use of the gear without any workflow interruptions.

“archelis” is the first exoskeleton assist suit series on the market that is focused on reducing the pain, injury and discomfort cased by standing position work. In Japan, employers are also using the suits as a tool to retain their workers, as younger generations are known to stay away from jobs that involve strenuous physical work.

  • archelis for Medical: designed for surgeons and operating room professionals.
  • archelisFX: designed for factory workers


    • All mechanical requiring no electricity to operate
    • Supports the body in a standing position
    • Keeps your trunk stable by balancing your body weight
    • Easy to wear, only requiring you to fasten the belts around your foot, shin and thigh
    • Can be easily adjusted for any body types and heights
    • Greatly reduces fatigue from standing, while preventing pains in the leg and lower-back
    • Comfortable fitting that enables you to walk and bend freely and sit anywhere
    • Proprietary design engineering technology that enables customizations