Unipos: Create your value-driven culture

We have come from Japan to introduce a message of positive collaboration and emotional efficiency. Unipos stands for unified positivity, and we have designed our platform to help organizations around the world benefit from the impact and value it has to offer. People want to be part of something bigger and want to work towards a common positive objective; why stop them? 280 partners and 40000+ active users across the world believe in the Unipos message and motivate and engage their teams with the power of positivity.

How we’ve achieved such amazing feats over a short period is by developing a highly sophisticated and groundbreaking culture alignment platform that helps business leaders in sharing their vision and values across their teams. So every team member is working towards the common goal and collaborating to move a step closer to the company mission. Unipos easily integrates into your day to day communication tool making its usage frictionless and part of your daily work routine. We help shed light on all non-KPI collaborations that previously went under the radar. Let everyone one in the company know what a beautiful human being you are and let them celebrate it.

The world and our workplace can use some positivity in these highly competitive, demanding, and stressful times. We want every individual to be celebrated for their smallest contributions because every little step towards the right direction counts and our analytics tool and public timeline makes sure of it. Unipos has become the employees choice across Japan and now is one of the essential requirements of candidates in choosing their future employer. Our mission is to generate transparency on every contribution, create peer-based vetted positive feedback, analyze value translation and transmission, and make work fun again.