Unleash Your Devices: GuRu Cracks the Code on Over-the-Air Charging

Founded by a Caltech professor and two of his research colleagues, GuRu has cracked the code on projecting significant amounts of energy through the air safely. Yes — lots of companies have promised wireless charging at a distance for years but none have delivered a viable product that can charge multiple devices simultaneously from afar and quickly.

At ShowStoppers, GuRu will unveil three prototype products including a roving robot, like iRobot’s Roomba, that provides a glimpse of how all our household digital devices can effortlessly be charged.  A lamp-sized desktop product for the office conference room that can charge multiple mobile phones up to three feet away, and a ceiling-mounted generator unit that sends power across a room to receiving unit-equipped devices up to 10 feet away, will also be demonstrated.

Come unplug at the GuRu booth to witness the promise of true wirelessness. Interact with the new products and cut the cord on inconvenient charging to unleash today’s IoT devices. At GuRu, we’re inventing the wireless future.