Use Your Device Freely – No Worries

iPads have progressively become the go-to device replacing laptops, and several entertainment devices for businesses, students and families. They’re tossed in backpacks, briefcases, suitcases.  They’re passed around the office, the classroom and into the car.  iPads are a must have on family vacations to keep the kids (and adults) “occupied.” They’re passed back and forth across board room tables, tile floors and dirt trails. You almost forget the expense and risk you’re taking with this delicate device as it’s become an essential part of daily living.

Today, there are numerous options to provide a protective coat of armour for your device. But the trick is to protect it without making it bulky, and most importantly without losing the ease of function. The Catalyst design for the 100% waterproof case for iPad got it right.

Like no other iPad case on the market, Catalyst Waterproof Case delivers exceptional performance with an IP68 waterproof rating of 6.6ft (2m) and drop proof rating of 4ft (1.2m). It has an integrated touchscreen film that provides seamless access to all features and a premium rubber bumper allows for a soft, comfortable grip. The case provides complete access to all ports and controls, has a hard-coated optical lens to protect the iPad rear camera lens without detracting from the quality of your photography and a clear case front and back that showcases Apple’s design. The design provides complete acoustic clarity using air and water-tight acoustic membranes, so you don’t lose the quality of sound.

And now this case is available for the iPad Pro 10.5” and iPad mini 5.