Vayyar: The world’s most advanced System on a Chip for mmWave 3D imaging

Vayyar’s sensor creates high-resolution images based on advanced RF technology. It integrates an unprecedented number of transceivers and an advanced DSP to produce images with high-resolution contour and high accuracy. Our devices, either stand-alone or integrated, are opening new capabilities in various markets including smart home, security, automotive, retail, elderly care and more. 

Our sensors are able to create a 3D image of everything happening in your home in real-time.

We can monitor people presence, location, posture and vital signs with no optics or wearables. We are also able to detect a fall, intruders on the premises, and people presence during emergency situations, all of this can be incorporated into a smart home to make your home appliances smarter and more proactive.

Vayyar’s sensor technology is currently being applied in a wide range of verticals including. Smart Home, Security, Robotics, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Production Lines, Elderly Care and Fall detection in the home and more. The unique benefits to Vayyar technology is that it is compact, low power and lightweight- the full module can fit into a matchbox! Our RF sensors provide “Superman Vision” providing the ability to see inside and through objects. Because we our sensors do not need cameras or optics, we protect an individual’s privacy with the highest data minimization standards. Our technology is robust, and is not influenced by lighting or weather conditions.  Vayyar Imaging is changing the market for imaging and sensing with its cutting edge 3D imaging sensor technology.