Vie Style launches VIE ZONE -Neuro earphones help you focus and relax

Vie Style launches VIE ZONE -Neuro earphones help you focus and relax- a stylish and portable neuro sensing earphones CES 2023. They analyze brain activity and heart rate and leverage this data to enhance focus levels during various tasks with the customized music neurofeedback to get you in the optimal focus, the zone (a.k.a, flow).

The traditional EEG device is balky, not being able to wear in everyday life, in-ear EEG technology implemented in the high quality bluetooth earphones, make it possible to be stylish, portable, and being able to wear naturally, and collect the data from everyday life.

Every brain is different, so unlike the other EEG devices which analyze the targeted brain frequency (Alpha, Beta,etc.), Vie Zone’s AI learns a user’s specific signal pattern and, in turn, develops a fully customized AI model to train the brain. Vie Zone, the high quality bluetooth earphones are able to distribute their customized music based on the analyzed data  to tune their brain.

To tune the brain, users choose a particular task, duration for an exercise, and music that suits their preferences. As they work and listen, Vie Zone analyzes a brain wave pattern and the AI-powered music player creates customized focused music playlist, and even generates the customized music for your brain, combining neurofeedback and monaural/binaural beats to guide the user into a flow state, and help keep them there.

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