Voice Capture Technology: Why the Status Quo is No Longer “Good Enough”

Consumers are frustrated with the lack of understanding, reliability, and accuracy of their voice recognition devices. This happens when the user may be too far away, there’s too much background noise (like streaming music or TVs), or there may be objects between the talker and the device that may cause interference. The bottom line? People are tired of screaming at their devices. The status quo just isn’t “good enough” anymore.

A better solution: EveryWord™ ultra far-field voice

ArkX Labs’ EveryWord™ Ultra Far-Field Voice Capture and Control Technologies deliver enhanced noise reduction, 3X the usable range of typical competitors’ offerings, and more accurate real-world trigger word performance.

Based on 3-D reverberation vs. “beam forming” technology used by many competitors, EveryWord™ doesn’t rely on geometric constraints to define microphone configuration, placement, or orientation.

In addition, our technology tolerates fixed and moving obstructions in the audio path, making it suitable for complex living spaces, workspaces, or places with competing talkers and noise.

Another game-changer is our 12 independent Acoustic Echo Cancellers (versus the competition’s standard one or two) that provides superior barge-in performance. This translates into a talker being able to speak a command without hesitation or lowering background audio sources like TVs or other Audio products.

ArkX Labs is challenging the status quo.

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