Wake up your inner warrior and watch it grow on your smart device

Have you ever missed a throw, swing or game? Do you want to know why? How? Or when your body was off!

BAX-UGolf Smart Performance activwear will show a golf player exactly at what phase of swing the mistake happened,  how bad it was and a full 360 view of the body of each phase of the swing responsible for missing that perfect swing.

Not every one can afford the time or money for daily coach or simulator training but everyone can have a BAX-UGolf that aligns + tracks torso and pelvis motions.  A 3D sensor technology to show you what the eyes of a coach might miss. An app to report daily, weekly or monthly performance.

BAX-UGolf helps you to reduce injury, play stronger and live healthier.  The cost of BAX-U Smart Performance Activwear Shirt, Shorts, for men or women, and a black dress, is around $245-$320, offering instant biomechanic alignment and performance results. The cost of Swing posture analysis and tracking App Technology is cheaper than a year’s supply of golf balls at $399/yr.

You can pre-order yours at BAX-UGolf.com — available for pre-orders in July 2022 and others November 2022.

The uniqueness of this product is offering instant correction, BAX-U Smart Activwear can be used by any athlete in any sport — baseball, running, cycling, weight lifting, yoga, etc.  The application is a unique option for golfers.