Withings new ECG monitor & activity watch features a 1-year battery life and the ability to detect AFib

Withings, pioneer of the connected health movement and analog connected watches, is announcing the availability of a new product at IFA: Move ECG, the world’s first analog watch to record an electrocardiogram (ECG) on-demand, is now available in Europe, following the ECG monitor having received CE marking for medical devices. Move ECG comes with a state-of-the-art ECG feature that allows people to easily and affordably monitor their cardiovascular health to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), a major heart disease, at any time. Move ECG is available today at the price of €129.95/£129.95 at withings.com and main retail partners, and works both on iOS and Android.

On-Demand ECG on the Wrist Withings is committed to creating beautifully designed products people can easily incorporate into their daily lives to monitor health and wellness goals. Move ECG embodies this mission by combining medical grade heart monitoring technology with a stylish analog watch design and superior battery life of up to one year.

Move ECG includes three electrodes with two discreetly integrated inside the main body of the watch, and the third electrode in the stainless steel bezel of the watch. When users experience symptoms such as palpitation, they simply need to push the side button and touch both sides of the bezel to start recording an electrocardiogram anytime, anywhere, similar to a single lead ECG. After 30 seconds of measurement, Move ECG vibrates to notify users that the reading is complete. The electrical signal is then analyzed via a proprietary algorithm that has been developed with cardiologists and trained using thousands of ECG signals, so that it can detect irregular heart rhythm. The watch syncs automatically with the accompanying Health Mate app (iOS and Android), which instantaneously classifies the user’s heart rhythm as Afib or normal sinus rhythm.

Move ECG is also packed with the advanced activity and sleep tracking features users have come to expect from Withings, but also, for the first time in a Withings watch, an altimeter is included to track floors climbed.

AFib is the main form of irregular heart rhythm and is responsible for almost a third of the strokes in developed countries. Additionally, 1 in 4 middle-aged adults in Europe and the U.S. will develop AFib in their lifetime. However, the condition is often under-diagnosed as it can be intermittent so it’s easily missed if it’s not occurring during a visit to the doctor.

“At Withings, we are committed to going beyond just tracking steps. We are on a mission to create elegant devices that not only inform people on their overall health and wellness, but also have the capabilities to identify and prevent serious issues,” said Eric Carreel, President of Withings. “Move ECG is the newest device in our product range to accomplish this. It offers ECG tracking capabilities people typically find in a hospital in a stylish tracker that can be worn easily every day. Now people can take a reading anytime, from their wrist.”