World’s first scented video platform “AromaPlayer®” – the only system capable to add Scent to your videos

“AromaPlayer®” is a web application that can be easily accessed from a Google Chrome browser. After picking up a video from your own library or by using a YouTube™ link, you can start to create by simply adding scent on the timeline to setup the perfect smell, timing, and diffusion time.

Previously, the “AromaPlayer®” was only an offline standalone application developed since 2012, and mainly used in Digital Signage for professional. But now with the new “AromaPlayer®” Online, any pro or amateur creators are free to create their own scented contents and able to share them with friends or with the world. The web application is already on trial at

Scent diffusing devices “Aroma Shooter® 2 & 3” are already available on the market and the “Aroma Shooter® Wearable” (ASW) is expected to be release next year, following a crowd-funding campaign.

ASW will be available to both VR/XR developers and consumers. There are currently few hundred different kinds of scents available, ranging from coffee to orange to shampoo. Aromajoin is working to expand the scent collection to further enhance virtual and immersive experiences.