World’s only wireless charger for furniture providing real Apple & Samsung Fast Charge performance without the need for any drilling installation by Kew Labs

In looking to reinvent in-built Qi wireless chargers for furniture, Kew Labs has redesigned how Qi wireless charging works with furniture. The result was the creation of the patent pending Intelligent Power Communication™ Technology that powers the UTS-1 wireless charger; the world’s only under-table mounted charger designed to safely provide true fast charging performance for Apple and Samsung devices without the need to drill holes and damage tables.

Unlike commercial installations seen in big café and fast food chains, the UTS-1 requires no professional installation whilst still providing a fast charge performance. The charger is setup using just the screws or double-sided tape provided and can perform reliably through all non-metallic materials between 18mm-25mm (0.7”-1.0”) thick, making it suitable for most surfaces and desks in the home, kitchen or workplace.

Come experience Intelligent Power Communication™ (IPC) Technology; the key differentiator of the UTS-1 that resolves the inefficiencies causing slow and unreliable charging often experienced in similar products. Furthermore, learn how our unique heat-management innovations within the hardware and firmware together make this the only long-distance Qi charger that is designed to reduce heat damage to your lithium-ion battery during charging.