XMG unveils an exciting, slim & light gaming laptop in joint cooperation with Intel

XMG’s slim & light gaming laptop is a design collaboration with Intel, delivering an industry leading premium laptop made for gamers and content creators. Utilising the extensive industry knowledge base of both companies and through extensive consultation with groups of gamers and content creators, this collaboration incorporates the features and designs that are most valued in a premium laptop. With its attractive design and outstanding build quality, the upcoming XMG laptop delivers amazing experiences whether you game or create on-the-go.


The ultra-slim gaming powerhouse combines the latest Intel and NVIDIA technology with an outstanding battery capacity of 93Wh and fast charge support. A sleek and slim yet sturdy AZ91D magnesium alloy chassis not only provides enhanced heat dissipation but also impresses with a stunningly elegant design. Measuring just 20mm deep and weighing in at a lean 1.89kg, this new XMG laptop sets a new milestone in ultraportable, high-performance and power-efficient computing.

Despite its impressively slim dimensions, the laptop features a revolutionary opto-mechanical low profile keyboard with programmable per-key RGB illumination and a total travel distance of 2.0 mm. These features meet the high precision and haptic feedback demands of ambitious gamers and prolific writers alike. XMG’s latest addition to its gaming portfolio also features extensive connectivity options, including a versatile Thunderbolt 3 port offering state of the art speed.

Join us at ShowStoppers to get an exclusive sneak peek, receive more detailed information prior to the official product launch and feel welcome to shoot a hands-on video or photos to share with your readers.