Y-Brush unveils a new concept of 10-second effective automated toothbrush at CES 2022

ybrush LIFESTYLE4Developed in close collaboration with dentists, the Y-Brush toothbrush is the new generation of electric toothbrushes, able to brush teeth effectively in only 10 seconds. This is possible thanks to the NylonMed technology able to brush teeth all at once instead of brushing them one by one.

A simple concept to explain, but which required close to 5 years of research and development (R&D) and is under protection of several patents. Y-Brush is the only product on the market which uses 34,000 nylon bristles rather than silicone strips, consequently ensuring a better efficiency to a correctly used regular toothbrush.

Y-Brush was created to improve oral and dental health, which is currently a global public health issue. All the studies show that a huge majority of people brush for about 1 minute, and show that teeth brushing is not done correctly in terms of time or gesture, because this is seen as a chore.

Launched on the market in 2020, the Y-Brush toothbrush has been sold more than 60,000 units in 2021. A growth of at least +300% per year is maintained for the next 3 years, thanks to our own automated factory.

For the CES 2022, we break the dental brushing code our new concept of premium automated toothbrush.

Press kit : y-brush.com/press (full press release + HD pics)