Yale previews smart locks, CCTV cameras, partnerships

At Yale, we strive to create smart, connected and safe homes for the busy every day. As the leading provider of smart home security solutions with over 182 years of security expertise, we understand the needs and challenges faced by modern consumers. This is why our wider ambition is to create a single-user experience for all of our current and upcoming product lines, making interoperability and security a recurring theme, at ShowStoppers and beyond!

At this year’s event, Yale is excited to showcase its upcoming smart product launches that will be available to consumers in the coming months. Including our new Smart Storage line, which features the Smart Cabinet Lock and Smart Safe, and our new CCTV camera range. 

We will also announce new accessories for the Sync Smart Home Alarm, including outdoor accessories that complete the range, helping consumers to fully protect both inside and outside of their homes.

As for our upcoming new integrations, Yale Smart Locks will be able to integrate with our Smart Alarm range, granting consumers more convenience as their alarm will deactivate once their door is unlocked.

Finally, Yale will be highlighting the power of strategic partnerships by announcing a new brand partnership. Expanding the connectivity of the Yale smart product line by adding Somfy, the specialist in connected equipment for the home, to the portfolio of Yale’s trusted partners such as Philips Hue, Bosch, Home Connect Plus, Homey, Zipato and Operto, to name just a few.